27 February 2004

Praising things

Okay, after yesterday’s entry, I need to re-claim a little decency. I sounded like a Conservative. I’m mean, Tom Bazan praised my political position. That ain’t right. (I will, however take one more swipe about gay marriage: The Johns keep saying that Bush is trying to shift the election debate away from what people are really interested in—ie. jobs or the economy or something boring like that—to gay marriage. Word to your mother, Johns: People do care, it IS in the public discourse. I wonder why you don’t want to talk about it…Oh wait, wait, I know why you don’t want to talk about it: YOU THINK BUSH IS RIGHT. So while Bush energizes his base with his position, you alienate your base of left-over sixties liberals. Another dirty little secret.)

But to set the record straight: I am (mostly) a liberal. I would have voted for Howard Dean. Alas: my boy lost his head.

Now, back to Jay-Z: so I’m really digging this “Grey Album” and wonder how I relate to this record given my background, my race, whatever. I think the answer is that I can’t relate to it. And though I may enjoy it aesthetically, there will always be a disconnect between me and the content of the music. I always thought that white people who listen to hip-hop are just lying to themselves, but I think that lying only happens when white people think they can relate to the music as a black person relates to it. Word to your mother: you will always be white. And that's okay. I can’t relate to Jay-Z. He is a talented musician. His music makes me bob my head and it engages me. But I will never know what it means to be a young black man who is being mistreated because I am black.

For whatever that’s worth.

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