02 September 2004

Niigata City

I guess I’m moving on Monday. After Monday, I will have a new address and whatever, but I can’t really get that to you yet as I’m not sure where I’ll be. I’ll be in Niigata City, I think. That’s all I really know right now.

My situation in the last couple of weeks has been eerily similar to that of MC's recent job situation. She must have given me some bad mojo last week.

Next week, I will be in Tokyo, living it up and training for my new job. In Tokyo, I plan to get wild in all the wildest ways. Or maybe just smoke my pipe in a bar that will ridiculously overcharge me for any number of Khalua-based drinks I may or may not order.

Money is a funny thing. I like it too. I don’t like spending it when I don’t have to. I still don't like the idea of spending money on housing.

I won’t recant on my previous post until Tom Bazan says he didn’t get it. If Tom Bazan didn’t get it, then I’m sorry. If Tom Bazan did get it, then I stand proudly.

Nothing to say about the RNC? That’s right. Nothing.
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