26 June 2005


I have so many pictures that I wanted to post so let's get hacking.

A couple of weeks ago we had an early birthday party for me and Nadina (the Canadian). Here we are getting on with the party spirit. This was also the night I got the Kotoushu thing. I think I look kinda gangly.

I keep telling people that I'm going to be an adult tomorrow. This and this were sent me to prove that I am not yet an adult. I, however, might appeal to this picture to prove otherwise. I'm telling my young apprentice, Sam, how to, you know, woo the ladies or whatever.

Last night, we all went out for the heathen celebration of my birthday which included, of course, Mr. Kouhei in sunglasses, booze, Hiroshi (who cuts hair and fucking rock-and-rolls), the ladies, and Neal looking sort of like a dwarf. We stayed out until 2, out on the beach, drinking and talking about our first dates.

Tomorrow is the Christian celebration of my birthday. A little less excitement, certainly, but Neal is going to sing some "Hero" at karaoke so I'm sure I'll have more to post then.

This here is my new computer, by the way. And yes, the desktop is that picture of me and Hiroko chan, and yes, I know that's a little weird.

Okay, more pictures and thoughts about love in the next couple of days.
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