07 July 2005

The Dear Leader

Well, either the Dear Leader was mistaken about my nationality or I was mistaken about the Dear Leader, but it appears that US citizens aren't allowed to go up North to visit the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. That sucks the big one, I say. I have read a little about US citizens getting in via boat rather than airplane, but it seems all signs are pointing to no for my visit. This is pretty disappointing as far as I'm concerned and I'm looking into getting some sort of Canadian or other less offensive country's visa.

I thought it was funny as I looked for Tom and Elizabeth's registry that there is Tommy Bazan that got married this Spring in California. Good work, Tommy! In related news, when I called Tom a couple of weeks ago at his house, I asked for TJ, and the answerer of the phone didn't hesitate at all.

Money or time. Friendship or romance.
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