16 September 2005

Love is watching someone die

Okay, okay, so there's a lot of girlish giggling happening about the new The Death Cab for Cuties record (I'm looking in your direction, Bob). Yeah, okay, it's nice: I'm not saying it's not nice. But I can't suffer another compliment about hottie Ben Gibbard's lyrics. Come on, kids, "Love is watching someone die"? Let's think about this instead of sighing and hugging someone.

The statement "Love is watching someone die" is wrong in its current grammatical form. Plenty of folks watch folks that they don't love die. Here, I cite the great Johnny Cash who you might recall "killed a man in Reno just to watch him die." Mr. Gibbard is missing two small but important particles. Any takers? Ms. Ishida? That's right, the correct answer is: "Love is watching OVER someone WHILE they die." To watch over is the image I think Mr. Gibbard is trying to get us to render up. But "Love is watching over someone while they die" is a little too long and it's probably not what Sarah said anyway.

If you're interested in learning a little something about death in music not from someone in their twenties I would suggest Johnny Cash's "America IV" or Warren Zevon's "The Wind," both records that are really, actually about death.

But whatever, Ben Gibbard makes the big bucks.

Oh, so I also started working out. Yeah, no shit, right? I decided it was time to no longer be fat. I am tired of it. Working out is fabulous so far. I feel great after 20 minutes on the stair machine. Plus, my ass is going to be hot. No results yet, but Neal says we need to wait three months. So I'll keep at it.

Finally, I'd like to state publicly that I have a heterosexual, male-to-male crush on John Roberts. Any dude who is able to piss off both the left and the right at the same time, while getting (most likely) unanimously confirmed by the senate is a friend of the dude's.

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