11 December 2005


Well, it's been a week of coming and going. Hard at work coming to grips with himself in all sorts of ways, Steve-o has decided it would probably be best to give up his dream of becoming a bullfighter.

Remember when I was seven or eight and I was upset about something and sitting out on the front porch of the Sleck house and Mrs. Sleck told me that I was insecure? I haven't quite gotten over that yet. This insecurity (which is oddly enough 不安-fu-an- in Japanese, the same feeling I claimed to be suffering from last month) has come up in many ways in the last week, and it ain't been pretty. I've decided that I don't want to be an asshole anymore which, unfortunately, means chucking a couple of things, the first being writing letters to CCM artists and calling them shams. No more of that, okay? It's just not good for anyone.

I'm sure other things will follow.

Does this mean I will now be writing blogs that are largely uninteresting and full of shoe-gazing? Please, stop reading now.

Oh wait. Wait, wait. This is a lot of fun here. Me and Neal helped Jim put on his  Thanksgiving feast this weekend and it all turned out really great. I took some picutres and now, in a spirit of sharing and thanks that we often associate with this holiday, I share them with you.

If that wasn't enough, Neal finally got me these pictures from September. As Pynchon wrote: "Fuck the war, we're in love."

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