17 February 2006

A new day has dawned

Well, a new day has dawned.

DeWalt made an interesting observation a couple of months ago about feeling a very deep gap between what might be considered a good paper in an MA program and what is publishable. I was told today that I needed to get published and I needed to get published now if I wanted to have a shot in the higher tiers of the EFL world (read collegiate teaching positions). No problem, I thought. No, no, wait. Shit. Problem. And another problem.  You know what this says? It says, Oh hey, Stephe-O, good to see you today: You suck.

But, that said, I met with the head of the EFL department at a local university today, and it looks like ::fingers crossed:: dude is going to have a chance at a real live university instructor position next year. That's right, office, research stipend: the whole freaking nine yards. The conversation went really well, except the part where he said, You are the kind of person we're looking for (early career, research oriented, bright-eyed, and you know, bushy-tailed), but you're American and not a woman. I knew this was coming sooner or later. In the education world, there are 3 billion of me: average intelligence WASPs. We got nothing to offer by way of diversity, and you know what, I agree. Hire a woman from India before me. I would.

Apple finally came through for me after my i-Pod failing for the second time. They sent me a new-old one. So I'm pleased with that. Sort of.

All of you who have been spending a lot of time sitting/ lying next to Yoko lately will know that she has had the worst skin rash in the history of skin rashes and, though I'm sure is miserable for her, was pretty damn frustrating for yours truly as well (I know, I know, I'm so effing sensitive). Anyway, apparently she has Urticaria? What the hell is that, you ask? Well, I'm one step ahead of you. Oh shit, dude. Seriously dude, don't link stuff like that. Seriously, man, now you're just being vulgar. Oh, I think I'm going to vomit.

I love the internet.

Wedding Trackers will note that it is now 141 days until the nuptials (I think). Tomorrow, I meet the parents then we get officially engaged in front of a shocked Japanese audience on Sunday. Sounds like a TV show? Well, I'm one step ahead of you.
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