27 March 2006


Well, Yoko and I made our way back to Japan after running around the Chicago for a couple of days. It was fun. We bought a nice dress and ordered my tux rental and then decided that the tux sucked. Well, I decided that. So we're looking for another suit and found a kick-ass Calvin Klein one-button suit that is apparently very rare in Japan. More importantly, since returning to Japan, I got this TV from my friend Jim (who returned to Tennessee, I guess) for free. It's so big. The playstation is getting some use again. Yoko and I rented this movie about elephants that wasn't very good, but I understand the whole thing with some help from the Japanese subtitles and I was mad proud of myself.

Yoko did well in the States and we had the most beautiful week together, really. Like we were married already. I enjoyed most every moment of it.

Hey, so get this: my run ins with the law as of recent have given me 4 points on my license. This wouldn't be a big deal except that if you get 6 points, those assholes at the DMV take your license away for six months. Yeah, I know, that effing sucks. Seriously, if you take a moment to consider my offenses, its an atrocity. I should claim some sort of, you know, diplomatic immunity or something. All that to say, I gotta drive clean for a year or face the consquences.

This is secretly a "blessing in disguise" as now I can put more energy into my new health hobby of riding the shit out of my bicycle. Also, with the help of my Stateside acquired odometer/ spedometer/ tripometer, I can now quantify my fun. I have ridden over 100 km since Friday with a top speed of 42.4 km/ hr. That's effing hauling for those of you unfamiliar with the metric system or bicycles. I bought this new shirt that I can ride in because it lets out the sweat, but doesn't let in the heat. Fascinating. I also got a kick-ass rain suit and am now looking for a good, waterproof bag to put on the rack that I bought. Really, it's everything I dreamed it would. Yoko called me bilingual for the first time ever and I was really surprised. I certainly don't agree with her and it was probably just some lover nonsense talk, but it felt good to hear and believe for a minute. Lastly, it was good to see many of you while I was back. Seeing Blue Hair by chance on the last night was especially sweet. Yoko saw everyone with different eyes and that was pretty funny too.
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