16 April 2006

Moving up?

Well, my Xanga Premium is almost up. Should I move up to Adult blogging world? Typepad maybe? Livejournal? What's your opinion? Oh wait, you can't give your opinion on Xanga unless you have a Xanga account. Asshats.

Hey, I guess today's Easter.

Ohanami was great this year. Really effing cold and windy and I gave everyone the wrong directions (which I guess wasn't that bad because I got to tell the story of when I pissed off a whole ska band by giving them the wrong address for a gig in high school.) Trying to get four parties of people to move is an effing pain in the ass, let me tell you. But, when we all settled, it was a good clean fun for all the nationalities involved. Did you know Yoko speaks some Indonesian? I guess that she does.
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