23 September 2006

25, An Experiment, and Group Therapy

My hero and mentor Mr. Neal was up this weekend for a group therapy session with me and my primary Lutheran advisor Mr. Efrain. All three of us have things to work through and like to do so by the fire, on the beach, with guitars.

Hey, so if I type "sexy britney spears naked pictures XXX hot" and add similar tags, how many more hits will I get to my blog do you think? I suspect an increase. If you got to this entry by typing in any of those words, get control of yourself, man. Come the hell on.

I found out today that one of my bosses at one of my part-time jobs is likely linked to the seedy underbelly of Japanese organized crime. For my part, I have no idea and don't really care as the job pays well and promptly. But if I disappear without explanation, well, don't come looking for me.

It's a beautiful freaking day in Niigata. October is nice here, I think. And only 14 days `til Rome. Oo-la-oo-la-la.

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