12 September 2006

Day 14, Beer Here

Damn, you may be thinking, I'd like to buy some beer but the local supermarket is closed. I guess I can't get loaded tonight. Not in Nippon, my friend. Not in Nippon. Right in the vending machine.

And prang, I've just learned, is just another word for cocaine.

Tom makes a good point, or two (typical of Tom).
On leaving an imprint on the world: If you acquire wealth by not pursuing wealth and living what we might call a "balanced" life: okay, fine. Good can come of that for you and those around you. But if you live a life set on acquiring more, you will suffer, I think.

On religions being the same: I think all religions are the same in the sense that all languages are the same. They use sounds to explain processes and participants. But of course, all languages are different: they do things using much different grammar, syntax, lexis, etc..

Holy shit, don't steal that; it's a PhD dissertation: Chomsky's Universal Grammar applied to religious expression.
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