21 November 2006


Well, here you see the best freaking news I have had all day. After finishing my second practice test for the impending Japanese Proficiency Examination, Level 2, I have passed by 4% points. I know, I know, you're saying, That's not really great Stephe-O. And I suppose you're right...

But you see, it's like this: I've been busting my ass to learn Japanese for about 3 years now. When I first got to Japan, I didn't study at all. After about three months, I sort of eased into it and didn't really get my first grammar book until I have been here for half of a year. Since then, man, every day I do something. And I know testing isn't good, and this and that, but I gotta say, having something concrete that says you have improved really helps. Also, if (and when) I pass this test, I will have proven the proficiency needed for all daily life activities, as well as reading at a post-primary level (which isn't as easy as it sounds). Next, next year I should be able to pass the first level which will put me at native-level proficiency, more-or-less. And then? Well, I can start translating more effectively and become world famous for, you know, something.

This game and the explanation here is freaking brilliant (HT: LifeHacker). Although, I have a couple of problems in the same way I have problems with Wikipedia in that people don't all have a specific enough knowledge base to properly tag certain kinds of photos. For example, the fact that Walter Matheau was tagged as "Sadaam" should prove to be really unhelpful when it comes to looking for pictures of Matheau. But still, a damn good idea and something to pass on to the EFL learners.

And it looks like my computer should be back in the next hour. What more could I ask for.
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