13 December 2006


Kurtz preparesOne time disciple and now world-famous thespian Bob "the posed bassist" Kurtz is welcomed into the blogworld with all sorts of this and that. Please stop by and tell him to write about the Amazing Impeccables.

I started writing this biography of Kurtz:

Robert Delanor Kurtz was born the son of immigrant Gypsies in the former Soviet Union on September 7th, 198o-something. As a boy, he suffered from many debilitating diseases including Lupus, Polio, Gout, and the "Soft Hands". Sickly, but energetic, he was nicknamed "Gippie-got-go" by the townsfolk of the small town in the former Soviet Union where he and his family lived. Never formally educated, Bob received a great deal of his education in the hard sciences by shoveling horse dung with his hands.

I ran out of steam right about there. Here he is, looking world-famous. (This photo was not posed.)

I wanted to say something about Karmic energy here, but I think I will probably let sleeping dogs lie.

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