31 January 2007

The best you could do

When I was in the States, Yoko and I went with my famed older brother to one of the most bourgeoisie stores I have ever been to: a running shoe store. At this store, very friendly salespeople try to sell you a load of BS by telling you that you need to change running shoes every 300 or 400 or 500 miles or something ridiculous like that. My bourgeoisie older brother who is training for the big bourgeoisie super conference, bought new shoes there. I decided to not drink the proverbial "kool-aid" and instead opted to hold out on my old Spalding set. I mean, every 400 miles? That's like every four months. Seriously.

Anyway, when I went to Tokyo this weekend I finally folded and got new shoes and let me tell you, I still support the revolution, but new running shoes (from Nike, none-the-less) are effing awesome. They respond. You bounce. Your feet stop swimming around and stay in one place. It's awesome.

I got internet at my desk at work finally which means I will be updating all the time now. Dumb updates, I assure you, but updates.
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