25 January 2007

How it is

You ever see someone do the job that you do, only like 40 times better than you do it? I am taking over a class for another teacher and the brother can teach. It was compelling. It made me want to be a better teacher.

The whole class was really confused how I was only 24 and had managed to graduate college, enter a master's program, and marry and impregnate Yoko. One women asked, "Isn't your salary too small to support a family?" Well, I, uh, no, I, uh, think we'll, uh, do okay. "My sons are 26 and 29 and their salaries are very small." Uh, well, I, uh, don't worry about me.

And, don't get me wrong, I love my unborn daughter with all my heart, but I'd totally give her like $10 to be born a month or two late. This conversation happens all too often: "So when is the baby due?" May 26th. "That's great. (pause) When did you get married?" July. (pause) Early July. The 8th. "Oh..." No, not oh. I did not make a dishonest woman out of my wife. The child was conceived in the loving confines of a loving, monogamous marriage relationship. Well into that relationship by OVER a month. So please, cast your disparaging looks elsewhere.

No one commented on this, so I will encourage you to click this especially if you are wondering how God feels about gays.
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