03 March 2007

Jokes I tried to sell last night

Here are three jokes I tried to sell last night:
  • "Yeah, I never was really into dance music before, but now, I'm all about it. I, like, didn't even know what a DJ was. I thought it had something to do with horses."
  • (When Neal and P were talking about their plan to give away unused, big, expensive Japanese medical equipment to impoverished nations.) "Well, obviously, Tom Cruise should have first dibs on whatever you get."
  • (They were talking about going on to a club called "Shame") "Yeah, but don't you just feel bad when you do there?"
This last "shame" joke--only one of the guys heard and didn't really respond. So I said it again, more loudly, still to no response, and finally Neal's friend from Urasa who had heard initially but hadn't laughed said, "You know, because it's called 'Shame.'"
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