24 March 2007

You either ride with us, or collide with us

Dude, seriously, file your taxes. I don't care where you live, what you made, whatever. Don't file= big pain in the ass.

So it's about that time of the year when Stephe-O says to himself, you know what, it's time to hit the freaking road on my freaking bike. This usually includes traveling around the famed Sado Island. Last year's trip was an unmitigated disaster, involving very wet shoes, a very wet tent, and a lot of rain. I came home swearing I would never go back. Well. With improvements on my bike and my new gear (seen below), I think I'm going to do okay. And this year: No camping. I'm staying here. Looks like fun? Man, I think it will be.

Just, you know, FYI: don't look too close. The harsh lighting!

Update: Look, in the interest of self-respect, I took some of the pictures down. Yeah, whatever.
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