17 April 2007

John Rabe saves Nanking, I find my i-Pod

Oddly enough the hero of the Nanking massacre was John Rabe, a high-ranking Nazi official. This doesn't help me as I try to figure out who is bad and not in the world. But, in a favorable turn for the Japanese, I found out that when politicians talk smack about Nanking in Japan (say it wasn't anything, really), they get fired. So that is one good thing. Abe is still an ass and this via Japan Probe helps give voice to the concerns.

Also, I found my shuffle.

Also, I got paid tonight and have a FLOOD of new students. Finally in a place to say, No, I will not come on a different night, and no, I will not discount, and no, I will not change the class time. Take Stephe-O or leave Stephe-O, but please, all you haters? The highway.

Now, if only I could connect to the internet on Yoko's computer.
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