26 May 2007

A public service quiz

So I know many of you are wondering about yourselves, "Hey, I wonder if I'm a partisan hack..." It's a tough questions, but I've devised a quiz to help you. First, watch the following video ( HT: Worship Pastor to the stars, Los). Second, ask yourself the question, "Who lost this 'debate'?" Then click below. If you can't get through the whole video, I understand. Just do your best.

If you answered either 'Rosie O'Donnell' or 'Elisabeth Hasselback' then you are a partisan hack. I'm sorry. If you answered with your own name, 'political dialog in America', ' everything that's good and decent in the world', or you couldn't finish the video because you had to rinse the vomit out of your own mouth, then you are not a partisan hack.

Look, no one is making any good points here. They are just shouting at each other. A part of dialog is being able to listen to your dialog partner (not opponent) and be willing to change your mind. If not? Then it isn't dialog. It's Evangelism. And we all know how well that works.
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