28 June 2007

Stephe-O hits milestones, uses metaphors to conceptualize everything

Well, yesterday I turned 25 and it went smoothly. I got a CD from Yoko and a CD from my maths-literate younger sister. And I got to go out to dinner with former hero, sometimes mentor Mr. Neal and his newly acquired master's degree toting love interest, Ms. Maroon. Mr. Neal, in a rare show of confrontational brevity, got to talking with my parents about politics for just about an hour and a half. It was a fascinating night, all around.

Now, Yoko and I are preparing to ring in one year, that's right, one year of marriage. This is big news for us and given how long this year has ended up being, I gotta say, I'm glad we made it this far. The first couple of months we were married, I would always say on Monday, "Well, we've been married for X weeks now. Do you want to try for one more?" Yoko would think about it and finally say yes. I can start using that line with years now.
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