20 August 2007

The Floods are Rising Tour, 2007: Day One

Well, I am in Malaysia, at 'WORLD'S BEST AIRPORT'. I appreciate the free WiFi at Starbucks, although I did not appreciate the 700 yen cup of coffee. The sun is setting though and I am looking out over the Malaysian hills and enjoying the fact that I am a person who has seen hills in Malaysia and has (I counted today, sitting on the toilet in Narita) over 50 stamps in his passport. We also saw Fuji as we flew over.

I was sad to leave the wife and baby this morning, but I managed to pull myself away. I bought travel insurance for the first time in my life after thinking about it for a while. I am certainly not concerned, but Dhaka is probably the most dangerous place I have ever traveled to. That's really sad, when you think about it, because Bangladesh is not particularly dangerous. I've lived a pretty safe life.

On the plane, I watched 'Reign Over Me' and started crying twice. God. I think I'm in trouble. How could you go on, I kept thinking, without your wife and kids. The Malaysian Arline synopsis of the movie noted that 'This film depicts opinions about the 9/11 incident that some might find offensive.' Incredible, I thought.

This airport reminds me of last October, when Yoko and I were here at the beginning of our honeymoon. Yoko was sick from the baby and I was angry. I remember I lost her in the airport and that I walked around for about thirty minutes looking for her. It was terrifying until I found her: I thought for a second that she had left me.

Now, I really should do some work on my presentations and also my dissertation as my supervisor e-mailed me to remind me that I only have about four weeks before it needs to be in Birmingham. And I am going to be back at work on Monday. 7 days left to live it up.

More from an Internet cafe in Bangladesh, I assume. The rains came down and floods came up, but Stephen was undeterred. He battled on.
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