09 January 2008


So why, why, why did I get my hopes up so much about this damn thing. Of course Clinton's lead wasn't going to evaporate and of course crying in front of some women was going to help her and of course, of course, of course. But let's not forget that this could end up being less than 3 points she wins by and that she and Obama split the delegates. It is essentially a tie.

Now. Obama needs to go on Oprah and tear up a little. Talk about his mother and distant father. And do a little bit of spinning himself.

And he also needs to convince Edwards to get the h-e- double hockey stick out of this mofo. He's miserable, his wife is sick, his kids are miserable. Dude, go home now.

To make matters worse, I personally have also had a shitty day after my iPod has been acting up (I know, even I don't want to hear about it) and finding out a great part-time job I was supposed to be landing pays just about a dollar more an hour than working at McDonalds. And I've got a cold and baby has a cold.
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