31 March 2008

Love policy

I don't know what your policy on saying 'I love you' every day to your partner or domestic partner is, but Yoko and I just don't have one. I mean, we try to get around to saying it a couple of times a year, but you know, you get busy or whatever. Well, the last time I saw E and M, they asked me about it and as I had not seen Yoko in a about ten days, I waxed sentimental. We really missed each each other--this and that. So, upon returning, I demanded that Yoko start telling me that she loved me every day.

Yoko, being the good wife that she is, finds this no trouble at all and sometimes says I love you several times a day now, so as to not have to say it for the next couple of days. Sort of like a reserve. But me being the busy man-about-town that I am, I felt it was easier just to write it on a piece of paper, pin it up on the wall, and point to it should either of us feel the need in the next couple of weeks.

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