07 March 2008

This, that

Hello, everyone. It's been a little while--I apologize. We are settling into our new apartment and one day (one day) I'll put up some pictures. Until then, you will have to imagine it.

Living in Shibata is very nice in that we can walk pretty much anywhere we need to. The supermarket, the train station. The home store. So last night, I walked home from my class at the community center here that I have had for a year now, but now I can walk home from it. So I started walking home, and when passing a street, I noticed that I was very close to the old Shibata Castle, which was lit up, reflecting in the moat with four (I counted them) swans. I walked around it.

  1. The scholarship that I am competing for doesn't automatically include a stipend. It's available, but limited, meaning more competition, less likelihood.

  2. That said, I got another exasperated e-mail from the Department asking ('URGENTLY') for my transcripts.

  3. One presentation is at 90%, one is at 84% and one is at 13%

  4. I have been told that a taxi from the border of Thailand to Laos is only ¥1000.

  5. I can see the mountains from my seat here.

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