30 September 2008

Can you believe it?


I am at the library at the OU and finally, finally, finally connected to the intranet. Here's what I have been up for the last week.

-Basically living in Ikea. I was in Ikea for my whole life it feels like. Famed older brother's earlier comment set me straight. So I went and saw a vision that helped me create a closet.
-Putting stuff away.
-New student orientation which has been pretty incredible. I am wicked lucky to be at this school. Our little class is pretty international. Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Holland, South Africa, China, Bangladesh, Palestine, Germany, Cyprus. Some other ones too.
-Yoko is still feeling ill.
I have a lot left to do, but now that we don't have a car, things are going to settle down and I can start to work on a little bit more academic things.

Okay, now I have to go.
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