09 September 2008


Now, I am in Mito, with good Internet access, so I am back in black.

The drive to Mito was about 75% heaven and 35% hell. Many of you know that I am skeptical of the idea of hell, but if there were one, it would involve being lost in Tokyo in rush hour with a screaming baby and a pissed off wife.

Navigating in Japan is awful. Thinkingcrowd will probably give me a witness on this. No good signs. Nothing is marked. Nobody has any idea where anything is. And it's so effing expensive. Today, just getting out of Nagoya, a total of maybe 10 klicks was north of 1500 yen. Getting lost in Tokyo was another 2000 yen, and my sanity. Although, the road we accidentally took was the elevated highway through Shibuya, so you have this weird sensation of flying as you are in between the high rise apartments.

I have a post about teaching English in Japan and Palin in me. We'll see if they both come out tonight.
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