24 September 2008

Send money

We are moving in on Thursday.

Today was about 50% successful.
  • Didn't get a bank account.
  • Ordered the Internet.
  • Got some needed furniture and the rice cooker.
  • Took a pass on the first car I have looked at.
When the Internet does comes I will be able to call the US for free.

We will be blacking out on Thursday for a couple of days (or weeks, depending on the availability of the Internets).

I will let you know.

News in Britain seems to be revolving around Gordon Brown and how much people think he sucks. And knife violence.

In Japan, Taro Aso (Xenophob, wicked ugly dude) has been elected Primer.

I miss the quirkiness of Japan.

England is so much more straightforward.

13 Pimpernel Grove, Walnut Tree, Milton Keynes MK7 7LQ UK
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