19 September 2008

Things I have

  • A mobile phone (44 07596 931031)
It's just a pay as you go phone, so this number may become Yoko's as I hope to get an iPhone eventually. But until then (or probably not ever, given that we will be poor for the perceivable future) you can contact me there.

We have been around Milton Keynes now. It's a very green place and very, very wooded. In fact, it's hard not being able to see anything because of the trees. There are also no billboards or store signs, so it's like a maze of trees until you come upon one of the estates or villages. And there are almost no traffic signals. Only roundabouts. Everywhere roundabouts.

We went up to the Open Unversity and it is, in fact, a real place. Much, much bigger than I thought, much more professional looking than I imagined. I don't know why I felt like it wasn't a real place or that it would be some shoddy, hole in the wall where diplomas are printed on Inkjet printers. I'll put some pictures up, eventually.

Yoko and Naomi are holding up well, although Naomi is just very confused looking and little ill. I think the change in food, time, everything is tough on her. Yoko is doing very well, too. I am going to count all the times I hear someone say 'Oh, like Yoko Ono?' when she is introduced. The count stands currently at 1.

I miss Japan.
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