29 October 2008

Coming to the end

I have been an Obama supporter for more than four years now and have my blog to prove it. It's been a long two years, and it's weird to be reading articles now about the possible Obama administration. I don't want to jinx it--assume the win--but I am feeling a little retrospective.

I don't know what I expect from an Obama administration. I don't really expect change because we are talking about a huge machine that is not easily moved one direction after sliding slowly into the ditch for the last eight years. New Deal II? Right, call me when that happens (the italics should tip off the irony).

But I'd like to believe in all the rhetoric, that our country can pull ourselves out of the hole. Perhaps we can make progress on health care and education. Perhaps we can get the hell out of Iraq. Who really knows.

But maybe for the next week or so I'll just relax about it and enjoy the fact that he is doing well, and we might have a president named 'Barack Hussein Obama'. How incredibly cool that would be. Maybe there are things we can still be proud of in our little democracy...
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