05 October 2008


I am living the life. Woke up late. Took the bus into town with wife and daughter. Went to the market downtown. Ate good street food. Ordered the Internets finally (Oct. 13th, we get connected, allegedly). Drank a lot of tea. Took bus back to house. Rode bicycle to work.

After all the nonesense of getting what we needed was finished, it's been really relaxing. Naomi, also, has been doing much better now that I am putting her to sleep and not Yoko. The first night she screamed and screamed. Last night, just a little crying, but when you tell her (and you have to tell in Japanese, fortunately/unfortunately), she repeats what you said and lies down. She won't, however, go to sleep unless I am lying next to her and will wake up if I try to leave. So I am working on my stealth departure, but not quite there yet. It's nice though--I should enjoy it while it lasts.

If we can't afford to fly to the States for Christmas, we are thinking about going someplace warm: either Portugal or France. We'll see. Going home would be best, but it's like $1,700.
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