28 October 2008


Baseball is a game of statistics.

My studentship allows me to work six hours a week, so I have been looking for some part-time work that is both flexible and lucrative. Proofreading seems to be that thing. Now I know many of you are saying, 'Stephen, you can't proofread to save your life. I mean, have you ever read your blog?' That may be true, but I did pass the proofreading test for a development bank based in Tokyo. Having passed the test, I am now able to be paid for proofing one piece for publication. If I do well on this, I will become a regular reader for them and work on two or three projects a month, it looks like.

We'll see if I'm able to do the real thing to their specifications. I'm a bit concerned.

It also looks like we found a good car, although I'm not quite sure if I should go for it or look for something a little cheaper.

A car will also allow us to, after our contract is up, move to a cheaper, larger house outside of the city. In Milton Keynes, you either are in the centre, or you are in one of the villages. There is nothing beneficial about living closer to the centre if you are not actually in the centre. So we might as well get away, save some money, and get a bigger place.

We also need to keep in mind that after four years, the likelihood of us leaving England is pretty high, so we need to be prepared financially to make that move, if it happens. But I'm trying not to fret too much about the future and become a Fretting Frank.

Anyway, having worked this out (the job mostly), we can now breathe a little easier in our monthly expenses and not have to worry about barely making it under the wire from month to month. And maybe, one day, I will be a well-paid discourse consultant (oxymoron!?) and university professor.

Finally, more David Bazan:
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