25 November 2008


What a day. I am sometimes productive. Like today.
  • Starting at 6 this morning, I looked over the final notes on the paper I am proofreading. It should be done by the end of the week.
  • Went back to sleep for an hour.
  • Added comments to three transcripts, and transcribed a six-minute, six scene'd video from one of my rats. And if you don't think this is something, you should try to transcribe a YouTube video. After adding and formatting the comments, 6 minutes of video yielded about 80 pages of transcripts in 10 point font. There is an awful lot in these videos and my goal right now is to have at least 100 for my PhD (I have two and half now). I will have enough data for years and years of articles. Ideas I have already include: 1) how responders (in comments and video responses) choose topics to respond to, 2) how people perceive their roles in Internet communities, 3) how video producers try to produce personas they think are attractive in their videos, and 4) how videos reach the top of the 's' curve of activity.
  • Went to ethics lecture, made lots of faces, and argued with my people in my group.
  • Made reservations for seven visiting scholars from Japan at hotels in Leicester, Coventry, and Oxford. When they come in December, I will spend 3 days riding around with them and trying to keep them happy. I will get paid something for this, I hope.
  • Did a little reading.
From here, I plan to:
  • Go to happy hour at bar with people from the ethics lecture.
  • Go home eat dinner, bathe baby, put baby to sleep.
  • Finish proofreading work.
  • Study for my drivers test.
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