02 December 2008

I'm not getting anything done today

We're now going on two days of nothing productive. Well, setting up the computer might be considered productive. I don't feel like it is. I have to finish proofreading a paper by Friday and also take my written test/ hazard perception test for my UK driver's license on Friday, so that has me a bit on edge. The hazard perception test is when you watch this screen and click when you see developing hazards. There is one per clip, except one clip that has two. So you have to be careful not to click too much, or you get disqualified. So I did a practice and scored perfect on one, but I clicked too much. So I did it again, and I swear, the same clip, and I scored 3/5. I don't get it. It's crap is what it is. So I am going to pay £4-5 pounds to get access to like ten practice clips. That should help.

That's all.
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