19 February 2009


Every time I leave Milton Keynes, it's like a totally different world. Today, I had to do an interview to get a National Insurance number in Bedford. Once you leave Milton Keynes, it's all rolling countryside and high streets...

I'm thinking about writing a book called Epistemology for Assholes. I'm getting a lot of good ideas from my YouTubers.

Tomorrow, we're all headed to a research students conference at Cambridge. I'm going to spend the whole time have academic ::cough:: envy. Although I've heard the students at Cambridge are not that impressive, I am not convinced.

And then to London Saturday to see the Rothko exhibit at the Tate (!) if Naomi and Yoko are feeling better.

And lastly, I am going to give a presentation on my research in about a month.  So I have to start working on this.
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