17 October 2009

There is no status to update

After a good discussion with a good friend yesterday, I decided that it was time to take a break from Twittering/ updating my FB status. Why is this? Well, it has to do with whether or not I want to be so obsessed with how I appear in front of people constantly. Am I saying what I'm saying for a positive reason or not.

I had this problem in the annuls of this blog, if you look back, back, back. I have kept this blog in one way or another for more than six years, the whole time I have been away, basically. I have been, in the last (perhaps) two years, less worried about appearances here. Maybe that's because I know that no one is reading this except the people who are truly interested in what I have to say in some sort of longer format. Micro-blogging seems to be more phatic, less about things that you might want to read in 30 years. Then again, maybe this is also phatic and I just can't recognise it as such.

I'm preparing to go to Paris on Tuesday, which includes learning to order in French, counting and working on some of that stuff.
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