19 May 2010


I rode to work wicked fast today. Wicked fast. I think I need new tyres though, as mine are getting balder by the day and I am soon to slip and fall right over.

Mei started crying this morning at 4:50 and was in bed with us and I thought, none of this, Mei-mei sleeps in Mei-mei's bed. So I got up and rocked her a bit and put her in her bed and, tada! About ten minutes later, she was asleep in her own bed. Great, I thought, but I was now wide awake and decided to make a start for my day, creating a worksheet for marks for one of my MDX classes and giving comments to one of my Birmingham students.

Now, it is 8:30ish and I am at work, getting ready to shower and then to go to the library to work on my French and then get back to finishing this danged report.
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