24 August 2010

Good things that have happened since yesterday

  • Opened second Cash ISA account, got credit card, and fixed annoying problem with bank account
  • Solved pedal problem on bike (needed to be tightened)
  • Found mobile phone (in backpack side pocket, duh)
  • Ate delicious sausages and cous-cous made by Yoko
  • Ate delicious (low calorie?) granola made by Yoko
  • Planned endgame for diet (done in 15 days!?)
  • Got up and ran at 6 AM
  • Allocated essays from Birmingham for marking (mo money, mo problems)
  • Shoes starting to fit
  • Beautiful weather!
Still to happen today:
  • Eat delicious (low calorie) (not that low calorie, it turns out) cous-cous for lunch
  • Transcribe!
  • Finish proofreading D&S article and prepare to send off tomorrow
  • Go for walk, perhaps smoke pipe.
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