30 August 2003


I know I had promised pictures of the trip to Hum, but see the last entry. My computer is still down, still broken, still hurting. It's like a Dashboard Confessional song, only worse.

DK and I are still going to Japan, sometime. I'll let you know if anything happens, but given our current experience with our Japanese friends, it could be quite a while.

Oh, and we also need $11,000. Just make the check out to me, okay?

20 August 2003

Dead Computer

My computer died. Yeah, I know. I'm pretty upset too. Apple has promised to take care of me, you know, make the computer work again without costing me anything except all that work I put into downloading songs.

Also, it seems that me and DK may be finding our way to Japan after all. Some other church is interested in having us teach. This one's in Fukuoka City which isn't on the main island of Japan, rather it's much further south. Sounds like we'll be teaching kids which I think will be pretty cool. Me and DK singing English songs.

18 August 2003

Bamer and Hum

The trip to Alabama to see Hum did happen as purported. I know, I know, I didn't believe it was actually going to happen either. Highlights of the trip will soon be appearing in photograph form on my yahoo photo album, but for right now you'll just have to imagine.

Hum was incredible. Everything we really could have asked for. When Matt Talbot walked out to set up and people sort of realized it was him, everyone just started screaming and cheering. We got close because most of the dumb hardcore kids left before the show started. They played a lot of songs off Electra 2000, but they were really good. They played "Stars," of course, and "Suicide Machine." Lots of harder stuff. "Little Dipper." "I'd Like Your Hair Long." On why they don't play anymore, Matt Talbot: "I know you guys would like us to play more, but we really don't want to." They're all kinda old. Matt Talbot looks like a football coach which I guess he is now.

Andrew W. K. also played the most unbelievable set (unbelievable in the sense that we really couldn't believe what was happening). Like 100 people got on stage with him and "partied." You really couldn't see the band except for a couple times during the show when Andrew made his way to the front of the stage either with someone on his back or on someone else's back. "I...AM...ASKING...YOU...TO...DANCE...PLEASE!" It was pretty wild. There were also about eight kids in the pit running around in their underwear, partying as well. My big question is, what's the difference between being gay and just joking about being gay. I think dry humping your friend in a mosh pit would constitute actually being gay.

I spent a lot of time looking for the real Alabama. Like rednecks with their dogs killing possums. Or fat, drunk guys swearing at their women and beating their children. The Andrew W. K. show was probably the closest thing. Not a lot of people really had accents. No one called it Bamer either. We asked a couple of people about it, and they said we had to go further South to get to the real dirty parts. I was disappointed.

Anyway, I went with the guys from Braille and one of their friends and we had a good time together. I heard the new Monday's Hero/ Braille/ Felix Culpa spilt and it's incredible.

I'm tired and at work and I'm going to try to sleep at my desk without anyone noticing.

15 August 2003

Planes Mistaken for Stars

Hello Everyone. This is my very first entry, so please, bear with me.

Last week, Berto and I decided to venture into the city for a Planes Mistaken for Stars show. Previously, I had heard a Planes Mistaken for Stars song on the Third Emo Diaries Chapter, you know "Something, Something, My heart is broken." I liked the song and so did Berto. On the way down to the show, we went to Seven Eleven and bought these drink cups that had some sort of deal that allows you to put both slushie and Cherry Coke in the same cup without the two mixing together.

The Planes Mistaken for Stars show was awful. Too much shouting. Berto and I felt uncomfortable so we left.

Later, I ate 3 Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers and went to bed at 11:30 because I had to get up at 7 the next day. Berto slept on the futon and killed a spider before he went to bed.