16 September 2003

The Green Mill

Dan and I went down to the Green Mill on Saturday night to listen to the Jazz and hang out. I've decided that when Christians go to bars, they should have some sort of way of indicating they are Christians that isn't awkward. Because here's the problem, the Christian moral system doesn't make a whole lot of sense if you're just an average Joe especially in a bar setting. Here's a sample of a conversation from Saturday:

Drunk Woman: So what're you guys drinking tonight?
Me: (awkward) Cherry Coke.
Drunk Woman: Cherry coke?
Dan: He's driving so...
Drunk Woman: Yeah?
Me: (awkward) I mean, I might have a real drink. I just turned 21.
Drunk Woman: So?
Me: (awkward) I mean, I didn't really drink before I was 21. I mean, once I did, at Passover.
Drunk Woman: Passover?
Me: (awkward) Yeah.
Drunk Woman: On my 21st birthday I got all [messed] up. Tons of disgusting shots.
Me: (awkward) Dan just turned 21, didn't you?
Dan: Yeah?
Drunk Woman: Did you get all [messed] up?
Dan: Uh, no, no. I got my passport.
Drunk Woman: (pause) You guys need to move down to the city and get a life.
Dan: (another pause) We're moving to Japan. That's pretty exciting, right?
Drunk Woman: Why are you moving to Japan?
Dan: English, to teach English.
Drunk Woman: You know they have classes there to teach you how to have better sex?
Dan: (uncomfortable) Oh? Yeah, we, uh, probably...
Me: (awkward) Yeah, I don't think we'll, uh, be...
Dan: We're working for a church over there so we can't really...
Me: It probably wouldn't be...
And it goes on like this. Now see how much better this would be:
Drunk Woman: You getting [drunk] tonight?
Me: I'm a Christian, please don't ask me about that.

All that to say, the jazz was good. DK knows a lot more about this stuff than me. He explained some of it which is pretty cool as I don't know anything at all. I only got four hours of sleep on Sunday night and then was pretty miserable at church. I need to not do that.