20 September 2003

Moving and the Consulate General

I am tired today and not very nice to be around. This: I drove down to Chicago to get a visa from the Japanese Consulate General and was missing one key element, a brochure from the church in Japan. I spent $12 on parking, $12 on gas, $8.63 on passport photos and missed work for three hours, making my net loss for today $63.08. I was looking for someone to be angry with. Also, faced with failure in personal devotional life, I am disheartened with my lack of self-control and spotty religious fervor. Do you think God is also upset with my on-again-off-again spiritual commitment? Certainly not. I believe in the infinite patience and love of my heavenly father, right? I certainly do. Without question. So much so that I am willing to tell everyone: "Hey, everyone! I believe that God is not frustrated with me!" Really, I really, really do.

My visa photo turned out horribly. I look like I killed someone. I don't look like Chris Martin yet. I was standing around waiting for it to develop and a woman without any teeth and wearing a moo-moo bought two York Peppermint Patties and rash cream. I thought Walgreens on Michigan Ave. would have a little more class. Anyway, seeing someone odd made me want to write and wanting to write is rare these days. I don't see enough oddity.

Did I mention that I want to look like Chris Martin? I'm doing okay, sort of, I guess. I'm a kinda of stalky guy: I don't think Chris Martin is stalky.

Do you think it's weird that everytime I typed "Chris Martin" in that last paragraph, I accidentally typed "Christ?" I bet the same thing would happen if I were talking about Chris Carrabba. (By the way, I saw his dumb sac on the cover of Spin, looking all serious and "emotional." "I can't believe I used to like you.")

Oooo, I hate him, I hate him.

What else... I still haven't solved my bad smell problem. This puppy's been plaguing me since Sophomore year. I'm thinking of just rolling around in lavender and vanilla every morning. Boy... Then I'd smell great!