22 September 2003

Miller High Life

Last night, me and Colin kept it real, best we knew how. Smoked some Acid Blondies which were, frankly, better than anything I've ever smoked, ever. I guess that's not really saying a whole lot though. But dang. They were sweet. Anyway, I also tried to drink a Miller High Life while smoking and I got sick. I mean, real sick. I ended up getting about 80% through the can with the belief that the High Life would not get the best of me. But, frankly, I couldn't. I ended up tossing the can in disgust at the house and getting a Coke.

Beer is a pretty good smoking drink given it's lack of carbonation. But it tastes like piss and I hate it. I need to find the perfect smoking drink because, frankly, Cherry Coke doesn't cut it. It burns your mouth.

So, Miller High Life: 1; Steve-o: 0

My stomach still hurts though. I feel like I'm really full of air and taffy. The taffy I can explain, but not the air.

The general consensus about my hair is that it looks okay, but I'm still not really sure. You've probably seen that I updated my picture to reflect my new hair style. So, for whatever that's worth. I also found some place that will host my pictures: Village Photos. Yeah, it's been real good to me and let's me link here to Xanga without any problem.

So, Photo hosting red tape: 0; Steve-o: 1

Well, lot's going on in ol' Duder's head: lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-yous. I made a mistake last Friday night, taking my co-worker Kate's advice to cut my hair shorter in an effort to look more like Chris Martin (I typed Christ again. Wow). Anyway, I cut it too short. Now, instead of looking like Chris Martin, I look like Billy Corgan. I will post a picture eventually, provided I can figure out why Xanga only shows my yahoo pictures sometimes. (By the way, if you are an experienced Xanga user and can explain why that is, I really would appreciate it.)

Also, I'm counting down the days until I go home.

Also, my clutch smells like burning.