29 September 2003

Spectacular and beautiful things

This weekend was filled with many spectacular and beautiful things. I spent Friday, Saturday and a couple of hours on Sunday up in Wisconsin trying to help some high schoolers grow closer to God. This may have happened especially through my ministry of having whipped cream spread on my head and cheese balls thrown at it. These are the things that the kids like to do. They like to have cahrazeeeeee fun at the expense of others. I farted a lot and talked about how growing closer to God is pretty difficult sometimes. But all-in-all. I love those kids a lot. And I love being with them.

I hit two home runs in plastic table leg softball. It ruled like nothing else.

Other than that, I’ve been working it out, keeping it real, trying to raise support for me and DKster to make our way out. But (big fat drum roll please) I will be in Japan on the 18th of October. Yup, that’s right. Praise God, right?