04 September 2003

Dead Computer II

The computer's fine now. Apple, in all their wisdom and majesty condemned my 512 MB of RAM as causing my screen failing. It's been quite a soap opera. Needless to say, it's all ended well. I've returned the memory. I'm getting my money back. I'm pregnant.

Also, on the Japanese front, we will be getting letters of guarantee this week and should be in Japan sometime in October. Yes, it is certainly moving along well. Stay tuned as DK's and my adventures in Japan become increasingly more like the Odd Couple.

But really, other than that, life's been quiet. I'm studying for the GRE a lot. Saying goodbye to people going back to school. Wishing I was going back to school. That's really about all.

Berto and I went down to see us some Jazz this Sunday in the city. It was raining pretty hard, but that didn't really deter us as both Berto and I don't really mind the rain. The jazz, at least what we saw, was pretty good, but we ended up just walking around Michigan Ave. looking at music and computers that we could never really afford. My shirt got really wet too.

Today's daily quote: "Back when the earth was flat, water must have always been flowing off the edges. I mean, like lots of water. Probably that water is still wandering through space, floating like a giant river."