13 October 2003

Giving it away

I’ve given away my car, my cell phone, all my cd’s, my cd player, my flowered shirts… I think this is what missionary work is about. I spent the weekend trying to be with the people I love so much at Knox, only to be hurried most of the time and not really spending quality time with the people I needed to. I didn’t say goodbye to a couple of people because we just missed our opportunity. My sister left today and I cried for the first time about this whole thing. For what it’s worth, I’m genuinely scared.

Death Cab in Iowa was pretty incredible. The bar was tiny like I suspected and made for a more intimate experience. The cubs won that night then won again then lost tonight. I drank a little, smoked a little.

Berto is living in a house with some folks, especially one young lady who enjoys quite the nightlife which means she has really loud sex. It sounded like a rollercoaster, lotta excitement.

I think that’s all for now.