17 October 2003


This will be my last entry stateside. DK and I should be well on our way to Japan about this time tomorrow, our flight leaving Chicago at 1:30 and arriving in Fukuoka at 8 on Saturday evening. We are both, of course, full of excitement and guts. We got our visas and some yen and gifts for the people in Japan on Tuesday. As far as different currency goes, I think yen is bitchin'. Some of the bills have quail on the back. Quail! Now I've seen everything.

Abraham Lincoln must not be that important in Japan because I didn't see him on any of the bills.

I can take my guitar for $130. Yeah, I know, it sucks the big one. But mailing it would be $300, so I guess I'll take what I can get. It'll be good to have over there too. I can play it for the ladies, you know, and for the people at the church and the quail. Oh, the quail.

DK and I have also been talking about what constitutes "martyrdom." Basically, I was wondering if, when riding our bikes to work, we are struck and killed by a truck, would we be martyrs. DK doesn't think so, but says that if I am struck and killed by a truck, he will stand up for my martyrdom. So I guess that's really all I can ask for.

Anyway, other than that, I just been keeping it real at home. Saw the Cubs lose three times in a row. You know, I don't think I ever watched a complete game that they won. I must have jinxed them.

So this is where I'm going. Send your love to me via email: Spihlaja@Knox.edu and if you want to hear our weekly updates for the church folk, e-mail no further than prayfukuoka@hotmail.com. Love you all.