08 October 2003

About Music

This entry will be devoted (mostly) to music.

I saw Braille and Monday’s Hero on Friday and have to say I was duly impressed with Monday’s Hero. I was told that I would be and I was. I certainly was. There is a shortage of good, serious, balls-out rock these days and I am pleased to see the gap is being filled, at least in the Chicago/land area. At the show, oddly enough, I saw a friend of mine from my church bible study, Kristen. It was odd in that I never imagined her as a person who would go to a rock show (she’s a 23 or 24 year old researcher for Baxter). Anyway, apparently her husband was out of town and she was there with her boss’s boss who happened to be Shermie Gass’ dad. Now, I haven’t seen Nate Gass is well over two years since that one time we went to Ohio to see Radiohead, but apparently his band was playing too so his dad corralled Kristen into going. It was really weird: me, Kristen, and Nate’s parents totally hanging out together.

Saddle Creek finally mailed me my Bright Eyes and Cursive records and let me say, I’m enjoying them more than I thought. I’m unhappy with the MTV invasion on the indie scene and the trouble that has wrought on many well-meaning musicians, but both of these records were written before the invasion. I feel like there’s a little purity left. Plus, they haven’t charged my credit card yet. Anyway, I am very friendly to the hyper-awareness both bands have that they are particular bands writing particular records for particular kids in a particular scene. It’s like commenting on your work while you’re creating it. It’s theory at it’s best.

I think if I wasn’t going to Japan, it would be just about time for me to start playing in a rock band again.

Speaking of Japan: ten days. That’s right, get your lovin’ while you can.

Now, I'm packing to go to Galesburg for the week. Death Cab on Wednesday in a tiny bar Iowa City with Berto and Jules. I don't think there's anything better than that.

PS I'm really worried about Roy, you know from Siegfried and Roy. That guy totally bought it. But, and I really hate to say this, I really do, it totally was a big win for the freaking lions. I mean, they've been being taken advantage of, in the worst ways, for like their whole adult lives. So there you go. The terrorists should start thinking about strategic tiger maulings. Ruins the economy, kills one of the greatest stars our country has to offer. It's the best of all worlds.