21 November 2003

Japanese TV

DK's quote today: "You know what I saw yesterday? A shirt with a picture of an ape with the words 'A Urinating Ape.'"

Also, from today (concerning the Michael Jackson whatnot. Remember kids, innocent until proven guilty).

Me: Oh great, that sucks. Now all of his songs are going to have a creepy pederast undertone.

DK: Like they didn't already?

Oh man. Japanese television had a thirty minute program devoted to it. I counted the times they showed Michael Jackson walking from the car into the police station. 18, that's right, 18 times. It was the most entertaining thing on television. Although DK saw a show called "Check!" which involved a camera crew and a reporter checking what people had bought at the fish market. "Okay, that's great, next person."

I love this country.