27 November 2003

Citizen Kane

Another dreary day in the Land of the Rising Sun. Frankly, I don't think the sun ever rises here. It hangs just below the horizon or behind a bit of grey cloud, mocking, taunting me.

You should, if you haven't, see the American Experience documentary on Citizen Kane. It's the best thing I have seen on DVD since... well, the Big Lebowski, I guess. It's hilarious and DK and I keep quoting it to each other because parts of it are funnier than everything. "And you always suggest sodomy... that's important... very important..."

Other than that, I've decided to try my hand at growing a moustache. While now it is not the greatest thing you have ever seen, it may one day be. I don't yet have the Internet (see next paragraph), but when I do, I'll let you take a look. Clint Eastwood, eat your heart out.

Yeah, we totally don't have the Internet at the apartment house. The good news was that we can get Yahoo! BroadBand and we can get 2.5 cents long distance. Now, it's just a matter of them delivering the modem and us calling Yahoo! BB so they can set it up. You think this might take several days, but in Japan, this sort of simple task may take weeks. DK is patiently waiting at home for it. I got angry about it and said a sort-of bad word. Other than that, things couldn't be better.

There is no Thanksgiving in Japan so I ate some 100 yen noodles with a coffee mug full of coke. It wasn't great, although this Saturday we're supposed to have Thanksgiving with the missionaries. That could rule like nothing else.