06 November 2003

"Let's eat satisfaction!"

It is a grey Thursday afternoon in Japan and still no internet service.

I rode my bike over from the apartment to the church and broke a sweat. Here, I ride my bike everywhere as things are pretty close together. We (me and DK) live about 2.5 km from the Church we're teaching at so it's always a bit of a hike to get over here. But it's nice to have some space. We're close to the train station too so we can get downtown pretty easily.

I can't find Pop tarts to save my life. I want a freaking pop tart. Today, I should be getting some popcorn from Costco so that will be good. I eat a lot of instant noodles. Let's Quiq! for 198 yen. It's the best, and in only five minutes!

Japanese English is great . It doesn't make any sense. "Let's eat satisfaction!" or on the flyer for the VBS DK and I are helping with: "Come play happily with Stephen san and Daniel san!" Also, the Japanese missed the whole mullet going out of style movement (basically, the '90's). They are now trying to catch up, but everyone still has a mullet. And the Carpenters are really big here. It's like one big elevator. But the showers... Oh the showers. You shower sitting on a small stool. It's the best thing ever. And you can see the ocean all the time. Japan's pretty cool, all in all.

The Japanese eat raw horse meat sometime, we learned. Sushi is pretty bad, I can't imagine raw horse meat being any better.

Okay, so changing the subject, I initially hated the new Sleeping at Last record. I thought it was ridiculously bad for the first two weeks I had it. Now, I can't get enough. I listen to it all the time, walking everywhere. It's got me in and frankly, I love Ryan O'Neil.

The women's world volleyball cup is in Japan this year (I'm sure it's what everyone is talking about in the states). DK and I been watching it a lot. Logan Tom. Wow. I love the US.

Okay, when I get internet at the house I promise pictures and more frequent entries. For now, this is all I got.