01 December 2003

Orsen and Andrew

Still no Internet at the apartment house. I will continue to talk about not having it until we get it. And no news in Japan is good news. My old man is stopping by this weekend to make some trouble best he knows how. It should be a lot of fun. We were going to head down to the Fukuoka Blue Note to catch some wild Jazz, but Take 6 is playing this weekend. Now, I like gospel a capella as much as the next guy, but you gotta draw a line in the sand somewhere. I draw it at Take 6.

Andrew WK is coming to Japan but it's about $60 to see him. Seems a little pricey Andrew. Think you might cut that in half a couple times? Yo La Tengo is also playing, again for $60. Things are just more expensive here. I hate that. I may not see any good live music until I get back to the States. Then I shall go to every show I can go to. Every one.

Saw Taxidriver last night and I'm looking for a screen shot from the film that I really liked, but it's nowhere to be found. When I do, I'll post it.

Word is we should have our modem in 2-3 business days then maybe it will be working within the week. I'm not making any promises though. In fact, I'm guessing it will be two weeks until we get it. Or more.

There's nothing good on television. I watched a show this weekend where two fat guys go around eating at different restaurants. Then they are joined by a fat woman who eats with them. They went to a public bath too. It was kind of sick. Anyway, it's all that's on.